Photography is for me a process which triggers a more intimate perception of the world around me and thus widens my vision.
Both my intention as a photographer, as well as the act of photography, free me from all that could interfere between my subject and me and as such be closer to it.
From all that could come between me and my subject.
These moments are unique, and I like to think that only photographers know .
The intention is conscious, sometimes I only understand that well afterwards.
It’s a physical act, full of real tension.
I have found an outlet which allows me to escape yet always reflect, and I truly hope that others feel the same


Marc Pollini


From his corsican origins, Marc Pollini has kept a certain simplicity in his photographic style.
On his own way, at times very direct, others through a composition of blacks, withes, greys or colors he shows us the world as he sees it.
The thematic of emptiness, that of calm – and absence of any human trace within it – is often explored.
And yet, we constantly come back to a human presence in his photos, around his conditions and his anguish, like on a trip or a stroll, wandering along to tell us a story.
Subjectivism, what’s beyond the field of vision is what is the priority his photos.


Sophie Verdeau, artist painter